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CS:GO Tournament

18 Sep 2015

Posted by illumi33 in News and Annoucements
Hello friends, Imperial-Community is looking to create a CS:GO tournament event sometime within the next couple of weeks, which means we need to get an idea of how many people would sign up and make teams and ensure people would show up and play. Prizes would be determined based on entrants and actual participation and could include gift copies of new games or perks on the RP server. This event would be free to enter, so all that's required is to sort out who would be willing to join. Each...

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11 Sep 2015

Posted by Imperial-Community in News and Annoucements
Frist Decree All Shall be EqualSecond Decree No need for ranksThird Decree Enjoy Fun Gaming Community God Emperor Dannex Head Of State BandittenHead Of Bank IlumiHead Of Intel IlkkaHead Of Church MansonHead Of Army Cakefactor

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Sep 4 2015

04 Sep 2015

Posted by illumi33 in Updates
It should be noted that this server is now crashing considerably less than before with many days of uptime being recorded due to various issues with certain vehicle scripts having been resolved. -- [CHANGE] Raised Silver drug limit by 10 to 40, rest of VIP up by 20 [CHANGE] Tweaked advanced meth: 1 3 5 and 7 minutes in it can explode randomly based on meth skill level (making it more clear if the recipe is wrong at 10 minutes end) [CHANGE] Tweaked advanced meth: Prices distributor will buy for...

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August 30 2015

30 Aug 2015

Posted by illumi33 in Updates
Orgs are not available at the moment, but you will see when you and a friend buddy each other that there is a lot of options to control what permissions they have on your items/property/vehicles. Here we go... [CHANGE] Simplified admin into only 2 ranks (Admin and Counil) with virtually equal access and equal responsibility [CHANGE] Completely revamped the way player data is saved [CHANGE] Completely rewrote the way vehicles are handled/saved/loaded allowing for more capabilities in the future...

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WW2 RP Server Release

17 Aug 2015

Posted by Labyrinth in News and Annoucements
Dear Imperial players, WW2RP is now OPEN! The new gamemode to Imperial is now open and ready for players. With cool new features such as Tanks and Cars, new models and weapons! Come on and begin your journey in France now! IP: Content: http://steamcommunit...s/?id=496622685

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Will you support the Rejuvenation of *Imperial-Community?

09 Aug 2015

Posted by LasseNord in News and Annoucements
Rejuventation of *Imperial-Community *Imperial-Community has been out in the dust the last few months. However, it has come tomy attention that I am not the last man standing to keep this community alive.Therefore I am interested in hearing your voices once and for all now. I have talked to the previous developer of the community and he has agreed to help us by doing a data-wipe, which means everybody will loose their items, money etc. However, some manual refunds will be made. Speaking of th...

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Imperial-Community: Back On Track!

08 Aug 2015

Posted by LasseNord in News and Annoucements
*Imperial-Community - Never seen stronger!    Imperial-Community has always been known as the community where people meet to enjoy spending their spare time with other people. We have always been the host to events, chaos, troll and fun in general. I do know troll is not permitted on our servers – but we all have those days, where it is just funnier to run around being a dick. Of course, this has changed since our latest major server change: Back to SeriousRP!   The key to success will rem...

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Police whitelist

27 Jul 2015

Posted by Fusion in Updates
... will be gone by tomorrow! By popular demand, we've decided to abandon the police whitelist. However, as we still want top RP'ers in those positions, we're still going with the current police roster we have. The way it works is like this... Connor, project manager of ICRP and Chief of Police, will be handling training for the people on the roster and anyone else who is interested. The current people on the police roster, however, should be regarded as mentors for the new ones coming in. They...

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Server Events: Wednesday 7/29/2015 - 10am EST

23 Jul 2015

Posted by Manson in Updates
Server Events: Wednesday 7/29/2015 - 10am ESTRace Yourself to DeathPlayers on server to occur: 10 minimumWinners: 3Date and Time: Wednesday 7/29/15 (10am EST)How to play: Players will become a Medic sit on standby waiting for a life alert to go off (You will be told the name of the player you must locate). From there the medic who was waiting at the medic station must run from the NPC to their EMS Vehicle and make their way to the person and revive them. Each player will be timed on how fast they arrive...

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Community Map Change

20 Jul 2015

Posted by Manson in Updates
Hello Everyone, I wanted to make a poll to see if the community wants to change maps, i know there was a petition going on while back to change the map. Well here is your chance to change it. Above will be a poll so you can vote on your map of choice, below i will leave links to where you can look at the map and a video if one is available. Evocity2_v2p - Our Current Map, if you wish to look at it connect to the server. Evocity2_v33x - http://steamcommunit...rp_evocity_v33x Rockf...

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    I agree because when I get RDMed by someone that does not know how to play you can not call an admin right away leaving that person room to d...

  • MansonPhoto
    CS:GO Tournament

    Manson - Oct 05 2015 08:22 PM

    sign me inThen go to this thread to sign up, this was just an information thread. http://www.imperial-community.com/topic/7399-csgo-tour...

  • sirjavluxPhoto
    CS:GO Tournament

    sirjavlux - Oct 05 2015 08:08 PM

    sign me in

  • DetonatorPhoto
    CS:GO Tournament

    Detonator - Sep 27 2015 08:52 PM

    I could do it sunday night Skickat från min iPad med Tapatalk

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    [Suggestion]Remove Blank Death Screen

    Fortknox - Sep 26 2015 06:56 PM

    I can build off this idea... have the death screen the old screen but as time progresses it darkens from the light red to a dark red tha...

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    [Suggestion]Remove Blank Death Screen

    TacoBurrito - Sep 26 2015 04:19 PM

    I am making this post because I think the new death screen really backfired in my opinion. What I think should be implemented instead is the...

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    CS:GO Tournament

    Zarko' - Sep 26 2015 12:17 PM

    We're hoping for next weekend.Can weekend not include Sunday please?School :S

  • illumi33Photo
    CS:GO Tournament

    illumi33 - Sep 25 2015 10:00 PM

    We're hoping for next weekend.

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    CS:GO Tournament

    ManuPwn - Sep 25 2015 02:25 PM

    Okay I got a five man team ready.Roster: ManuPwn - Legendary EagleAce - Legendary EagleV • Duid - Legendary EagleRaQZz - Legendary Eagle...

  • Zarko'Photo
    CS:GO Tournament

    Zarko' - Sep 23 2015 12:40 PM

    IC-Vikings is ready to sign up for the tournament.

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