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by Puzzle at 12:59 AM
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Been a while. Been busy. Believe it or not there has been many changes in the last month, I just haven't written about them until now. So, without further ado, here are all the changes as of now...

[CHANGE] Player data converted to faster, more efficient format allowing for more capabilities ( bigger updates )
[CHANGE] Re-added vehicle pre-caching at load
[CHANGE] Undercover police cars now honk as regular cars
[CHANGE] Prop damage has been modified, and requires less damage to destroy in most cases
[CHANGE] Taser sound to a real taser sound

[ADD] Props spawned by sandbox spawn menu now take damage and destroy ( may cost money to spawn in the future )

[FIX] Various issues with taser models ( if you subscribe to our collection )
[FIX] Various builder permission issues
[FIX] Vehicle music lights / club lights now sync to the music
[FIX] Inability to toggle underglow
[FIX] Emitter errors caused by GMod update
[FIX] Remover tool / god stick able to manipulate/remove various objects they shouldn't be able to ( elevators )

There is going to be a known issue for a while where as people's profiles are converted, the org information will be out of date. Through rejoins and server restarts, this will be mitigated over time, so bear with us as we make this important transition and the only things affected is the old org stuff.
by Puzzle at 5:04 PM
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[ADD] Vehicle damage is now saved
[ADD] Vehicle damage indication text on HUD
[ADD] Healing option at Medic NPC

[FIX] Cruise speed / speed text overlap

[REMOVE] Requirement to get current spawned car fixed before putting it away or changing to another car
[REMOVE] Requirement to bring cars to NPCs to join/leave job
by Puzzle at 12:55 AM
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[CHANGE] Rules have been overhauled and are now different between the 2 servers ( SeriousRP and Roleplay )
[CHANGE] NA Server renamed SeriousRP and EU server renamed Roleplay ( Rules are reflective of the more strict serious rules with less on roleplay )
[CHANGE] Accepting the rules on each server will save this acceptance and never pop up again ( Still not an excuse for not following rules thereafter; Use F1 to stay up to date with changes posted in future update logs )
[CHANGE] Roleplay arrest TPs players to jail cells and auto-releases them in 10 or 5 minutes depending if they were wanted or not when arrested
[CHANGE] Advert timer doubled on SeriousRP
[CHANGE] Players who die on Roleplay keep their job, money on-hand, and inventory, but dropped equipped items
[CHANGE] 500 global max drugs allowed on SeriousRP server at any time ( To influence more use of jobs )
[CHANGE] Serious respawn time buffed to 5 minutes; Roleplay respawn time dropped to 2 minutes
[CHANGE] OOC & /admin times reduced on Roleplay

[FIX] Being able to use toolgun on items

[REMOVE] Buggy bone sizing in hulk mode
by Puzzle at 5:28 AM
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Been a while, mostly due to RL obligations and work, but also there hasn't been many major changes in a while, until now: Dynamic Speed

What is Dynamic Speed? Basically, the higher quantity of heavy objects you have in your inventory + the less stamina you have + the less health you have == really really slow walk/run speeds. If you have full health, full stamina, and no items in inventory, you can run really, really fast. This will make chases with criminals and police more dynamic, and the entire system of how fast you can run/walk should make a lot more sense because of it.

As always, full changelog since last update:


[CHANGE] Modified various builder permission aspects
[CHANGE] Taser now looks like a taser ( if not blocking workshop content on server join )
[CHANGE] Modified HUD to separate fuel and speed better and coloring for fuel

[ADD] Dynamic Speed system ( see above )
[ADD] More banned explosives props ( thanks IndianPervert )
[ADD] Current player speed when not in a vehicle

[FIX] Gold VIP not having access to spawn menu
[FIX] Various bugs and/or permissions
by Puzzle at 6:35 PM
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"Small" update, but some HUGE features included!


[CHANGE] Players can not spawn props from spawn menu in someone else's rented property unless they are online and have them on buddies
[CHANGE] Physics props spawned on property won't remove until the 10 minute player disconnect timer that also unowns property

[ADD] Property Save/Load/Clear for prop_physics ( Use reload with keys; Owner only; props saved and re-loaded become current owner's props )
[ADD] Current owner of property can use the property menu and transfer the property to another player
[ADD] SA+ godstick mode to send players to opposite server ( US -> EU; EU -> US )

[FIX] Arrested players able to bring up phone GUI