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3rd September 2014

03 Sep 2014

Posted by Puzzle in Updates
[CHANGE] Garage opener changed from left mouse to G [CHANGE] Music lights toggle set to M [CHANGE] HUD now shows Cruise Control set speed as well as actual speed [ADD] Shooting a vehicle's tires will blow them out making them forced to drive slowly [FIX] Cruise control ( Activate/deactivate with C; move faster or slower with W and S instead of mouse wheel ) [FIX] Issue where CC would keep spamming on and off when holding C for more than a split second [FIX] Taxi/limo not getting paid from clients enter...

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31st August 2014

31 Aug 2014

Posted by Puzzle in Updates
[ADD] 6 new car paint colors: Gray, Silver, Dark Red, Lime Green, Dark Blue, Salmon, Pink [ADD] Ascari KZR1 to Silver+ ($375,000) [ADD] 11 'Sped' Cars:  Audi Quattro S1 to Member+ ($50,000)  Porsche Cayman R to Silver+ ($70,000)  Audi RS5 to Silver+ ($75,000)  Lotus Evora to Silver+ ($75,000)  Jaguar XKR-S to Silver+ ($80,000)  BMW M5 E39 to Silver+ ($200,000)  Maserati Gran Turismo to Gold+ ($150,000)  Porsche Panamera Turbo to Gold+ ($195,...

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29th August 2014

29 Aug 2014

Posted by Puzzle in Updates
[CHANGE] If a vehicle is unlocked, anyone can enter any seat at any time [CHANGE] Cruise control changed from right mouse to C [CHANGE] Hydraulics changed from C to R [CHANGE] Headlights now toggle to parking lights, full headlights with parking, off instead of just on/off [ADD] VCMod ( Modded to suit our needs; adds better headlights, tail lights, brake lights, reverse lights, exhaust ) [ADD] Turn signals and Hazard lights ( Left mouse, right mouse, middle mouse ) [ADD] Unlock/Lock vehicle doors from d...

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16th August 2014

15 Aug 2014

Posted by Puzzle in Updates
[CHANGE] Server map changed from rp_evocity_v4b1 to rp_paralake_city_v2 [CHANGE] Decreased overall player and vehicle movement speed ( less frantic; more roleplay ) [ADD] Random fire events for firefighters to handle [ADD] Various events that add blips to government radar will remove when handled ( fire; life alert revive, etc ) [ADD] Limited edition ( only 20 total ) Lamborghini Sesto Elemento [ADD] Shared job rewards ( Whole job teams get paid rewards when another of their job is rewarded ) [FIX] Gas...

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6th August 2014

06 Aug 2014

Posted by Puzzle in Updates
[CHANGE] Server and forums are now updated to a new forum format, and all data has been preserved. ( Hooray! ) [CHANGE] VIP is now a monthly membership offered at imperial-community.com/store. You may cancel at any time during your current month and still keep it in the server. [CHANGE] Tweaked /roll range much smaller than before. The range now makes sense for 2 people close to each other. [CHANGE] Vehicle taillights and emergency lights are now brighter/bigger [ADD] Update news text to nexus [ADD] Ban...

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Welcome To The New Forums

06 Aug 2014

Posted by Puzzle in News and Annoucements
Hello, we made it! Post here about any issues you want me to address, such as the forums listings having too much transparency behind them so it's hard to read, or anything else really. These new forums will provide us with even more capabilities than before and allow us to get work done faster. Thanks to the community for supporting us so we can continue to innovate and provide a better class of service to all.

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5th August 2014

05 Aug 2014

Posted by Puzzle in Updates
[CHANGE] Garage door opening works better now, opens doors more directly in front or behind, and will use more objects with more vehicle velocity [CHANGE] /Roll radius reduced a bit [ADD] Property renting has a new button that allows your Org to operate your doors, even if you disconnect ( Use normal rent to keep private with just your buddy list ) [ADD] Property rented to Org will show that status on the door if you are in the same Org [FIX] Keys not working for property rented to Org [FIX] Bug allowi...

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2nd August 2014

02 Aug 2014

Posted by Puzzle in Updates
[CHANGE] Fire will automatically remove after 1 hour [ADD] Unowning property will return all spawned items/props to warehouse [ADD] Radio station in-car GUI ( no more pressing R ) [ADD] New radio stations [ADD] Admin-mode salary [FIX] Paper towels now actually do something when used [REMOVE] Dead radio stations

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29th July 2014

29 Jul 2014

Posted by Puzzle in Updates
[CHANGE] Replaced buggy $100 bill [CHANGE] Receiving/withdrawing money doesn't recalculate into smallest possible quantity [CHANGE] Raised max item sell price to 100 million ( up from 15 ) [CHANGE] Player's orgs will not display while on a job ( instead the name of the job shows ) [ADD] Police destruction of chem labs when stove is destroyed [ADD] F1 option to choose paydays to go to bank or on-hand [FIX] Cruise control [FIX] Trade menu mouse activation [FIX] Anyone able to pickup/destroy adv...

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17th, 18th, and 25th July 2014

25 Jul 2014

Posted by Puzzle in Updates
This is a doozy, a lot of work gone into the last week and a half.. -- [CHANGE] Tweaked meth XP amounts for higher levels ( Gives slightly less than before depending on level of meth recipe ) [CHANGE] Taser changed to slot 2 before pistols and after keys [ADD] Admin Mode Toggle ( Admins must now toggle between 'RP Mode' and 'Admin Mode'; they can not use Admin powers while playing as an RP character ) [ADD] Re-added and fixed item redundancy system ( Gives items back that were spaw...

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