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by Zarko' at 5:39 PM
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Imperial Factions is going to be one of many other ways to (hopefully) bring more players to the community, and bring more talented people to expand the community even more.
There isn't much to say about the project really, just going to give a few features and cool stuff you can do IG, and will explain abit about the ranking system.

*Note: Some of this information will be in the starter kit books.

Bugs / Problems

The server is considered finished and had been checked by some people, though there might be some bugs I don't know of.
For any bug nor problem, you send me a private message on the forums right away.
People who help will get in game benefits.

Thank you's

Biggest thank you should go to Vazir for giving me the chance to start this project, for Bob and Puissaunt for voting yes for this project and making it happen.
I can't give a thank you to myself but I need you guys to understand that I was working on this for the past 7 weeks, 5 days and 6 hours non stop for atleast 8 hours each day (vazir can vouch).
The build team, Indian, Menphz, MinusZ3, LordZinko and some Vazir.
The push me team, the "team" who pushed me to continue the project even though I was ready to quit cause of a problem I couldnt figure for 2 days: Slothville, MinusZ3.
You guys don't know Minus is, but he is a good friend that helped me ALOT in the server, he is a long time friend from outside this community, without him I doubt I would have ever opened.


In case you don't already know, we are looking for staff!
If you think you have what it takes, apply to the Imperial staff team and in the gamemode type Factions or just Minecraft for now.
Staff director is Walter, he will handle your request. I never want to see anyone in chat or steam messaging me "admin can i hez admin plz", you will lose any chance to apply to admin in the future.

(for all imperial community trolls, I dare you to send me this message on steam).
  • Tokens - Players are able to collect tokens that can be used in a special market. The ways to get tokens are by Voting (each vote 1 token), killing mobs (5% chance to get 1 token), events and for every 1 hour of playtime. (Self coded)
  • Crates - Crates are basically chests that you can only open with a key, and after you open them you get a random item(s). There are 2 kinds of crates (currently), a Voting Crate and a Secret Crate. To get a Voting Crate key you need to vote, after you vote for the server there is a 35% chance to get a key. To get a Secret Crate key you need to buy one from the tokens shop for 30 tokens I believe. (Self coded)
  • Ranking System - This is a tricky one! When you first join the server, by default you'll be assigned to the group Peasant. This group will give you all the basic commands and abilities to start your journey with your own kit (/kit peasant). When you rank up you get access for more commands. For example the Armiger group comes after the Peasant group, and when you rank up to Armiger you can use /workbench, and afterwards there is a group called Knight, which gives you access to a new kit (/kit knight) and for the /tpahere command. All of these stuff can be found in the starter book (Ranks Book). So what do I need to do inorder to rank up? Between each rank, you need to vote 5 times and pay some money, every rank needs NEW 5 votes and higher amount of money as you go up. To rankup or check your status do /rankup. (Self coded)
  • Auction System - Not much to explain, unless you don't know what an auction is. You can do /auction for all commands and info.
Opening Date

The server will open tomorrow, July the 19th at:
9:00 AM Pacific | 10:00 AM Mountain | 11:00 AM Central | 12:00 PM Eastern | 1:00 Atlantic | 5:00 PM United Kingdom | 6:00 PM Denmark | 7:00 PM Middle East
Be sure to clean up your calender, cause we are going to have a blast at the opening, also be sure to share this with your friends that you know that play MC or Factions or PvP, it doesn't really matter just spam all of your steam friends with the IP and a link to this thread!


This server wont be pay to win AT ALL (An exception for this would be the note below), but people who donate will get a rank in game that wont affect there gameplay at all, meaning they wont have any adventage above any of you.
Donators will get access to a special Lounge and recieve access to some commands for example /nick.
To be considered a Donator, you must...
by Puzzle at 5:59 PM
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Not much really to post of a log, just been fixing a few bugs, and tweaking various new added systems.

One major point of the currently live server are that crash redundancy has been added back in so non-spawnmenu props / items that are placed out will be restored if the server crashes. The only things that don't come back are pot / coke plants, but I'll look into making sure those work. Advanced stoves and various meth items left out are safe.

The other major change is an overhaul to the administrative system whereby admins must choose to be in an 'admin mode' or be restricted like a normal player. This should ensure that our players know that admins are not abusing their powers while in RP situations. Admins 'on-duty' can not interact with their inventories or player's gamemode items. Only in this mode can they lift vehicles or use other such administrative powers. There is a cooldown when switching between these modes, and admins actions are more closely logged as a result. This should give our players more peace of mind when dealing with players who also happen to be admins.

Last change in this update is if you disconnect while in a property you own, you will rejoin where you were (if you rejoin within the 10 minute property timer). This helps you go back where you were in case you crashed, and your vehicle should also come back to where you parked it.
by Puzzle at 3:34 PM
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Imperial-Community Presents: ICRP Advanced Meth Cooking Update

In this update you will find 2 new items 'Chemistry Lab' and 'Meth Starter'. Chemistry labs are sold at Ace Hardware next to the Body Armor. When spawned as a prop and attached to a prop stove, they will combine to form an 'advanced stove' that will allow the advanced meth cooking process. Meth Starters are sold at the Drug Dealer NPC and can be spawned as a prop, then touched to an advanced stove to being the cooking process. Once cooking, you will need to look at your advanced stove and add items from your inventory when the meth bottle asks for them. The meth starter bottle will light up with a purple halo around it when it wants an ingredient added.

The possible ingredients that can be added are the same as used to craft regular meth: Water bottle, salt, lodine, kitty litter. After you add an ingredient, the cooking will continue. A few minutes later, the meth will again light up asking for another ingredient. This process will happen 4 times in all. After the 4 ingredient cycles, the meth will either produce a finished advanced meth product, or the entire operation will explode leaving chaos and massive damage in its wake. There are 256 potential recipes, with only 10 allowing a product to be created. These 10 valid meth recipes are unique to each player and will have to be discovered by each player on their own at a significant investment of time and money.

There is also a meth cooking skill that requires the old system of meth to get to level 2. Once at level 2, the only way to gain XP in this skill and get to higher levels to unlock higher purities of meth will be to cook the meth product at or above the current player's skill level. All 10 levels of this new meth can be sold to the new Meth Distributor NPC located behind Burger King at varying prices.

Full changelog:

[ADD] Meth cooking skill
[ADD] Advanced meth crafting system
[ADD] Chemistry lab ( Sold at Ace Hardware; Spawn as prop and touch to prop oven to create advanced oven for use in advanced meth cooking )
[ADD] New item the drug dealer sells: Meth Starter ( Spawn as prop and touch to advanced oven to begin advanced meth cooking process )
[ADD] Meth distributor NPC behind Burger King
[ADD] 10 new meth items with varying purity and value at distributor

[REMOVE] Unworking clock item
[REMOVE] Unworking temperature item

FYI: This entire update has been made within 2 days with advanced algorithms and code and demonstrates our commitment to our community and the GMod community as a whole that we are the true innovators and we will continue to innovate beyond other community's comprehension.
by Puzzle at 9:40 AM
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[CHANGE] Exiting emergency vehicles now turns off the siren
[CHANGE] All emergency vehicles use the same main siren as police cars
[CHANGE] Modified physics to hopefully fix or help some issues

[ADD] Dying player body dragging ( Press E once to grab then again to release )
[ADD] Emergency vehicle Rumbler siren to C ( Makes civilian vehicles shake the driver and passengers to alert them to stop or move over )
[ADD] Firefighter Escalade SUV ( For faster response to medical related calls; does not allow fire hose use )
[ADD] Police Silver Undercover car spawns in random paint-shop colors
[ADD] Enabled fog ( Helps night time be more dark )
[ADD] Few more banned props
[ADD] (ADMIN) Right click on player row on scoreboard for admin menu for that player
[ADD] (ADMIN) Player search in IC menu by RP name
[ADD] (ADMIN) Turn off siren to god stick

[FIX] Re-enabled dynamic speed control ( Got overwritten when data format was changed back )
[FIX] OOC Blacklist exploit to get around the blacklist
[FIX] Sirens should now always play for all players
[FIX] Various weapons/skill exploits (thanks Indian)
by Puzzle at 1:35 PM
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[CHANGE] Reverted player data to old system ( for now, until I can get to the bottom of the data corruption bug )
[CHANGE] Game money amounts per donation level doubled
[CHANGE] Subaru Impreza '08 updated to latest TDM version ( make sure your TDM SVN is up to date )
[CHANGE] Mayor team color changed to orange ( matches suit shirt + doesn't collide with arrested/timeout players )

[ADD] Monthly VIP override ( overrides current permanent level for 1 month )
[ADD] More functionality to property prop save/load system
[ADD] Few more banned props
[ADD] Non-restricted items can now be sold at NPC shops again ( wholesale remove )

[FIX] Exploits and issues related to players leaving pods/vehicles

[REMOVE] Wholesale license ( too much misunderstanding and abuse )
[REMOVE] 'Finishing' players